Pond Aeration – Restoring your Pond’s Eco-system

Pond Aeration
Pond Aerators

Pond Aeration is the basic process of restoring oxygen into a pond’s eco-system. You see unlike other bodies of water such as rivers and oceans a pond doesn’t have it’s on natural eco-system. In a sense it does have one, but let’s just say it is not as vibrant as what we find in nature and it kinds of needs help from outside means, pond aerators are typically the best you can offer in regards to outside help.

Metabolizing Microorganisms

A pond aerator will add dissolved oxygen to a pond which in turn supplies that oxygen to the metabolizing microorganisms which actually helps the microorganisms find their food which is the dissolved and suspended organize matter or in layman’s terms the junk you don’t want in your pond. Here is a list of several of the benefits of pond aeration:

  • Breaks down unwanted bacteria
  • Circulates the water
  • Causes healthy destratification of the pond
  • Helps with mosquito problems
  • Prevents algae blooms
  • Removes foul odors from the pond
  • Helps with the water quality

The most hopeful information and resource that I can find online isĀ http://www.livingwateraeration.com. When you get to their site you will not only find affordable products, but they also have several informative articles and a blog. Also if you call ask to speak to Daniel, he is a pond aeration expert and you will find that his knowledge on the subject will be very helpful.